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செய்தி: வாக்குபதிவு இன்று காலை துவங்கியது! மாலை ஐந்து மணி வரை நடைபெறும்!! (Updated) செய்தியை முழுமையாக காண இங்கு அழுத்தவும்>>
Re:வாக்குபதிவு இன்று காலை து...
posted by Abdul Wahid Saifudeen (Kayalpatnam) [18 October 2011]
IP: 123.*.*.* India | Comment Reference Number: 11246

Do people from Jeddah, Riyadh, Qatar, China, Hong Kong, think that they are in a better position to inform Kayalites about what is going on and around Kayalpatnam ?


Do they simply refuse to believe what people living in kayalpatnam are writing about just because it is hard to believe?

But one thing they failed to understand is that "straight from the horse's mouth" is more authentic than any other form of media.

Believe it or not! Here is an another example of what had happened?

Yesterday (17th) afternoon a friend of mine who is a staunch supporter of Aikkiya Peravai called me from Chennai and asked me the following question.

“Is it true that Mr. X (supporter of Sis., Abidha )’s car was seized by police yesterday (16th night) for breaking the election rule and it is still been impounded / under the custody of authorities? .

My answer was a big “No” ,because hardly half an hour before (11:30 am on 17th ) I saw him coming out of a Voting Booth along with his family and getting into his car after voting. I told my friend what I witnessed. He said “may be” but his car was held by police yesterday. (He swallowed other half of the question) I asked him how u know? He answered saying “Through a reliable source”.

I knew it cannot be true because I knew Mr. X for quite some time and he does not indulge himself in illegal activities. But the same time I cannot discard my friend’s question about Mr. X. I knew immediately that something went wrong somewhere. My mind forced me to act on this news and I called few guys to find out as to what happened?.

I called a close associate of mine (Mr. AJ) and asked him about what I heard. He said that He was with Mr. X on 16th and no untoward incident happened either to Mr. X or to his car. He was very active the whole of yesterday looking for culprits who are distributing money.

Mr. AJ started narrating an incident which I think was twisted and spread by opponent of Mr. X. which was not true. On 16th morning around 10:30 am, Mr. AJ along with his friend stood near ICICI Bank corner. Suddenly they saw a red car belongs to Mr. Y, drove past them. They did not fail to notice Mr. Z, was travelling with Mr. Y. (Both of them appeared on public meeting arranged by Aikkiya Peravai on 10th Oct and addressed to the public) which caused suspicion.

They follow the car in their bike and the car passed through L.F. Road. Mr. AJ thought of giving up the chase because Mr. Y might be going to his residence in L.F.Road. But his friend overruled Mr. AJ’s decision and continued their chase. They saw the car did not stop at Mr. Y’s residence and continued towards west. Again at one point both of them wanted to give up thinking the car may be going to the petrol bunk (Kayal Fuel Centre) to fill petrol. Their instinct forces them to continue. The car went past petrol bunk and turned into L.R. Nagar and stopped in front of a house. A man (Non-Muslim) from that house came out and started talking to MR.Z.

Watching the whole drama unfolding, Mr. AJ and his friend smelled something fishy called Mr. X and informed them about incident. Mr. X, assured them saying they are on their way to L.R. Nagar and advised them to follow them closely. Meantime Mr. Y & Mr. Z. took the man in to the red car and sped away. Mr. AJ tries to chase them but failed. He lost them. After few minutes Mr. X, arrived with media people and friends. Mr. AJ and his friend narrated the incident in details and informed them about the disappearance of the car.

While they were talking, the neighbours said that, those two people took our man to negotiate the deal. He is amiddle-man. The red car re-appeared suddenly from the nowhere. Mr. Y & Mr Z shell-shocked to see Mr. X standing with media person and others at very same spot where they picked up the man. Not knowing what to do, these two politicians started blabbered , saying “ why are u here? we are not doing any wrong and why are u following us. Mr. X told Mr. Z, as long as you are here we will not move an inch. Mr. Y & Mr. Z. dropped the poor guy at his door step sped away in no time.

The vigilantes started interviewing the poor guy and came to know that they are trying to bribe the people in that locality through this poor human. Little later they came to know a deal was struck and money (Rs.500) will be distributed through this guy for the people in the neighbourhood for voting for a particular symbol. His neighbours came and said that, “Sir, “Had you people come few minutes late, you could have caught hold of those two (Mr.Y & Mr. Z) red handed while downloading their money from the boot of that red coloured vehicle.

Anyhow Mr. X, and their associates were happy that a wrong going was thwarted by their timely action.

(I have personally confirmed the alleged incident with the media person who had accompanied Mr. X, who claimed to be holding recorded evidence of the incident and will publish the story in more details in his medium)

This story was twisted by these two politicians in order to cover up their wrong doings. They spread false information to taint Mr.X’s reputation. If they do not desist from doing this, video recorded proof will be uploaded in “You tube”. They did all wrong doings in the name of Peravai. Peravai will have to bear the brunt of allowing these two people to appear on their stage. In other word, respected elders have to face the consequences for allowing Peravai to be high-jacked by these third class politicians.

I informed my chennai friend about the incident and thanked him for asked me question naively. He inadvertently instigated me to investigate the incident which ended up help revealing the truth.

"And do not overlay the truth with falsehood, and do not knowingly suppress the truth"; (Al-Quran 2:42))

"And say: "The truth has now come [to light], and falsehood has withered away: for, behold, all falsehood is bound to wither away!" (Al-Quran 17:81)

--------------------------------------- END ------------------------------------

இந்த கருத்து உங்களுக்கு பிடித்துள்ளதா?

[இவரின் பிற கருத்துக்களை காண இங்கு அழுத்தவும்]

[comment status: Approved]
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