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posted by MOHIDEEN MKT (KUWAIT) [19 March 2013]
IP: 94.*.*.* Kuwait | Comment Reference Number: 26356

salaam to all.

1. this meeting is seems to be more self explanatory rather than describing her achivements.

2. madam explaination seems to be escapism by blaming others. it shows her inefficiency and poor admistration. if there is any problem in running the adminstration efficiantly why can`t she take the issue with officers and collecter as like other members did against her. just explain in the public rally will not solve the problem. she is accoutable and responsible for any loss of money due to delay of any project / work not happen. by blaming others and delaying the projects or not using the funds allocated by government on time is also mistake

3. she swear in the name of Allah is appreciable at the same time fasting unto death is vehimently condemned. immature speech

4. she put the blame on others with out any proof. if she has a proof why she hesitate to take action using her power and with the help of govt officials. help the culprits by not taking action against them is also another way of supporting the crime only

5. it is her wish to join any political party. at the same time when she stood for the president post with the support of some jamaths and organisation and not with the help of any political parties. people voted her based on jamath and organisation. this is also disrespect the supporters. if she wants to join and show her immunity let her resign and face the election with the help of the political party she belongs. if she has a good connection with ruling party we request her to use the oppurtunity to do some good things for welfare of the town insteadof fighting with others

6. she did not explain clearly about the complains made by other members against her

7. last week she attended the compromise / peace committee organised by our elders. i think she does not want to implement or follow their recomdendations.

8. it looks like disrespect our elders. more over this meeting convened after that recomendation seems she does not want to listen others and did just to get sympathy from people to hide her inefficiency

9. since she put the blame on others i request other members also to come forward to explain the truth or swear in the name of Allah like she did.

10. our municipality now turned into political activities rather than doing social and welfare activities to benefit the town.

11. her speech is like politician ( who use to say I DID, I DID). what ever she did is her duty everything is government and people money. she did not do anything from own as like our elders did before (eg MKT APPA, LK APPA, VILACKU APPA, wavoo S.A.Rahman)

i eagerly awaiting for the proper reponse for my doubts WASSALAAM.

இந்த கருத்து உங்களுக்கு பிடித்துள்ளதா?

[இவரின் பிற கருத்துக்களை காண இங்கு அழுத்தவும்]

[comment status: Approved]
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